Monday, February 01, 2016

Scroll Troll Gonna Troll

Jakitza lives up to her nickname in more than one way.

There's times it's just better to indulge in your character's vices... and this is Jakitza's: she can be reaaaally mean when she's in a position of superiority. At least this time it was quite deserved!

Last week I did a livestream showing the inking process of this page. It was a test to see how it was, and it was a good result, so I'm prolly going to do another livestream this week. I0ll announce it both on Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow/like to get advance warning!

Finally, as a reminder.... SpiderForest is now accepting applications to join our webcomics community; if you have a webcomic and are looking for a new home for it, head over to the Apply page to fill out the form and wait for the evaluation and vote; read the  Application FAQ if you have any questions. And if you don't have a webcomic, maybe you know someone who does and might be interested? Just spread the word!

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