Monday, January 25, 2016

Charge of the Hawk Maidens

The Hawk Maidens charge and pick up their enemies with a vengeance! No insecurities, no fear, and no meddlesome sorcery acting against them, the girls show the mercs (and more or less to themselves too) what they are truly capable of.

 The SLAM onomatopoeia uses a new and free graphic font by artist Imagni; you can find it here.

On other news, SpiderForest, the webcomic collective/community where Nahast belongs, will be having its biannual application season! If you have a webcomic of your own, or know someone who has a webcomic and is adrift on the treacherous seas of the interwebz, tell them about it!

Check the Apply page or the Application FAQ if you want to know more regarding membership at SpiderForest. You can also visit the forums (, or contact us by email ( ) if you have any questions not answered in the links above.
The application form will go live on February 1st.

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