Monday, February 08, 2016

Never Mess with a Lich

Turns out Xisve'ki is not amused by Jakitza's antics... and prepares to turn the tables once more!

It's been a while since I depicted Xisve'ki so much in a single page, and not in a way that I could really use the new methods I've picked up for art, so it was fun to have him in several angles, trying to coax expressions from his undead, rotting, non-human skull. And normally, hands are my nightmare, but Xisve'ki's hands are a lot of fun to do, particularly because I don't have to make an effort for them to look remotely human.

Now, for the so-so news, I've picked up a medium freelance gig that might take up more time this week. It certainly took some from the last that I had to really thunder through this page all day on Sunday. I'll make an effort to balance my time, but don't be surprised if next page is late.

And finally! Applications continue to arrive to the collective lap of SpiderForest members; if you have a webcomic or know someone who does, and joining the most kick-ass of webcomic collectives is something that interests you (or the someone), check out our Apply page and our Application FAQ. The application season ends on the last of February!

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