Monday, December 07, 2015

Hearts of Courage

Niriko's proclamation is not going unnoticed.

I feel a bit like I'm cheating with this and the next page... there's a lot of visuals rather than action, but visuals are better to convey what's going on, at least in a more emotional sense, rather than have someone narrate them.

Unfortunately, comics have no sound, but as the chapter is reaching its exciting part, I want to share the music that has inspired a lot of the moments and images that I eventually am trying to turn into the comic. This page is entitled after one of my favorite tracks from trailer music powerhouse "Two Steps From Hell" (

But if you are going to read the rest of the Hawk Maiden's fight... do it to this one... "Stronger Faster Braver" (also by Two Steps From Hell), which captures perfectly what the girls are feeling, and will continue to feel as the rise from the jaws of defeat :) (

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