Monday, December 21, 2015

Divine Intervention

Enter the Celestial Hawk Maidens!

Legends says that Hawk Maidens who live with honor and righteousness ascend to join the host of Zuze'en as Her guardians and agents; in short... Her angels.

The Celestial Hawk Maidens took me a long while to design, but after several tries... here it is!

In other news... Nahast will go into holiday hiatus; but don't worry! This time it's a planned hiatus for the holidays! So...

Nahast Will Return on January 4th!

Check the Facebook page for updates and some of the previous designs for the Celestial Hawk Maidens :)

Happy holidays!... and may the Force be with you! < winkwink >


Tarqeq said...

It has been a while!

Al-X said...

Indeed it had :)

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