Monday, March 28, 2016

There You Are

Jakitza is really bringing her A-game, and Eruhien just needs a little encouragement to get there too.

Jakitza's thesis when she graduates from the Citadel's College of Wizardry will be entitled "How To Thwart an Ancient Sorcerer With Cantrips and 1st-Level Spells". So far she hasn't used anything not available to D&D/PF low level wizards, and it'll still be a while before she casts anything truly spectacular, but the thing with magic is not how many dice of damage it deals, but the shortcuts it provides.

This scene was originally planned with Gisako and Zintzi, but poor Eruhien needs a chance to show that dangerous things come in small packages... that and some payback for how the mercs have piled on her.

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