Monday, March 14, 2016

The Game's Afoot!

The final round of the match has started, and both sides are playing for keeps. Jakitza stops thinking like a chess player and is now playing different tactics at once. Are the Hawk Maidens up to the challenge? Because the Black Blade mercs, now under Xisve'ki's direct cotnrol, will not pull any punches!

I have to check myself, because now that I'm comfortable with a certain technique to do the pages, I'm beginning to experiment with additional ones.... and that always make things slower. The new thing I'm doing in this page is really subtle, but I think it adds a little more quality to the art in general. I'm also losing the apprehension I had for using textures, patterns, and custom brushes to help me with the level of complexity; you might notice it if you look really hard at two particular panels :)

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