Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Afterlife of Duty

Courage summons courage, and there's no coincidence in which of Her celestial warriors the goddess Zuze'en chose to send.

I remember I lauged loudly at a line from The Book of Life: "What is it with Mexicans and death?!" I laughed because it's kind of true; we have a rather odd relationship with death, and from that has come my fascination with tales of ghosts both malicious and helpful, not because of their scaryness, but because they are in a way a metaphor for human drive. In a ghost's case, it's a drive that survives death.

Tazarik's pain and anger made his shade linger, but his own daughter's sense of duty during her last stand earned her a rightful place among the Celestial Hawk Maidens. And for hundreds of years they stood apart, on opposite sides of Nahast's spiritual axis, stewing in darkness and basking in the light.

And yet I have so few panels to tell their story, because this one is about Derrexi and the Hawk Maidens. Hopefully this will suffice.

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